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A) A prominent tropical hop aroma with a melon, citrus peel and resin character

A) This IPA is golden and hazy due to the generous addition of wheats and oats

F) High hop flavor that reflect the unique hopping techniques, plenty of citrus

M) Soft and creamy with that deep haze

O) More flavor and less bitterness compared to your typical IPA

6.2% ABV / 55 IBUs


A) A light, citrus air rises from our flagship Orange Wheat

A) This wheat beer is a rich golden color with a nod to orange peel, coriander and an opaque body

F) Crisp and present citrus notes add great flavor – without taking over

M) Smooth & soft on the pallette, medium body

O) Citrusy and refreshing with a slightly higher alcohol finish

8.5% ABV


A) A light typical american lager aroma

A) This is a golden light color that’s light on the waistline as well

F) Light and refreshing with subtle hops flavors

M) Softly carbonated and smooth swallow

O) Great light and refreshing low calorie option

4.1% ABV


A) Airy and sweet with some malt and verylight hop

A) Deep, rich amber with a clear body andthick, foamy head

F) Sweet and roasty

M) Medium body gives this beer a easy todrink feel, without any heaviness

O) A well developed Amber ale with thecharacter of a classic

5.6% ABV 


A) A prominent  hop aroma with a watermelon hint

A) Beautifully golden and light in color

F) Summer nights in a refreshing ripe watermelon, lightly hopped, crisp and satisfying

M) Light pallette of melon

O) This is a great summer beer to through a watermelon slice into

5.5% ABV


A) Citrus notes are strong, but light with a wheat beer airy sweetness

A) Golden, this lager has a slightly less opaque body than a traditional wheat

F) Bright and light citrus present without over powering its pairing

M) Medium to light body gives this beer a soft landing on the palette

O) An easy drinking, refreshingly light takeon Citrus wheat beer

4.0% ABV


A) Crisp and light with a clear burst of blueberry

A) Golden and light with a classic color

F) Sweet without overpowering, the flavor of blueberry and vanilla really shine

M) Light body give this beer a easy feel alone or pairing

O) Refreshing and bright, this ale brings all the flavor wheat beer intends

4.5% ABV


A) Hops. Then some hops

A) Rich and inviting gold with a clearer body for an IPA

F) Hops. Then some hops. Serious hops for the IPA drinker

M) Dry and refreshing with a dry hop finish

O) Hops. Did we say hops? This classic IPA is still a favorite

7.2% ABV


AAFMO / Aroma | Appearance | Flavor | Mouth Feel | Overall Impression


Peach Lunacy

Vanilla, Honey and peach


A) Floral notes with Vanilla and honey withpresent sweet peach.

A) Cloudy with a starch/yeast haze and adense white head.

F) Summer Peach - with a light wheat withorange zestiness and coriander

M) Medium body wiht light creaminess anda lighter presence.

O) An ale bursting with peaches will drive ‘em crazy.

12% ABV

Hop Skeletor

A rewarding IPA


A) Hops. Hops. Hops. The aroma on thisIPA has the distinctive floral bloom.

A) This IPA is deeply colored and delicious.

F) Hops are at the forefront with all thesnap we could squeeze.

M) Soft and dry with no linger.

O) What can we say...this IPA is challengingand rewarding to the bold!

11% ABV

Bustin Nuts

Hints of maple and chestnuts


A) Malty with a hint of nuttiness and maplesyrup notes.

A) Brown and semi-opaque with someamber edges.

F) Chestnuts and maple syrup give this nutbrown ale a earthy sweetness.

M) Drier than some traditional nut brownales - lightly lingering.

O) Barrel aged and bustin’ out, this alepacks punch and balance.

8% ABV


(Not Available)
Double chocolate happiness


A) Espresso and coffee like roasted malt are prominent with some cocoa notes

A) Opaque and jet black in color with a thick, creamy long lasting tan head

F) The agressively high roasted malt flavors suggest bittersweet or unsweetened chocolate, cocoa, and strong coffee.

M) Full bodied and chewy, with a velvety, luscious texture and a gentle smooth warmth from alcohol is noticable.

O) An intensely flavored, big, dark winter ale that is a rare and refreshing glimpse of the great flavors of both white and dark chocolate that melds well with the roasty, burnt sensations of this big imperial stout.

9.6% ABV

Mob Barley

(Not Available)
Cognac Barrel Aged


A) Wheat gives this ale a rich and earthyappeal.

A) Deep Brown and velvety, barrel agingaides in a rich color.

F) Sweet cognac notes come through onthis ale with light hops.

M) Creamy and smooth.

O) Flavor and decadence - in one uniqueand strong presenting ale.

10.5% ABV

Peaceful Pumpkin

(Available NOW)
Spooky addition to our lineup


A) The sweet smell of pumpkin pie.

A) Golden Brown and velvety, a lovely rich color.

F) Nothing beats getting to Grandma's house for the taste of warm pumpkin pie.

M) Creamy and smooth.

O) This will surely get you into the holiday spirit.

5.2% ABV


(Not Available)
Campfire Brew


A) Rich and complex, with variable amountsof roasted grains, maltiness, chocolate,hops, marshmallow/vanilla and alcohol.

A) This beer is jet black, opaque with a deeptan head.

F) Medium-high bitterness,hidden by the high abv, resulting in a balanced beer.High roasted malt suggest bittersweet or unsweetenedchocolate, cocoa, and strong coffee.

M) Full bodied and oaky, with a velvety, luscioustexture and a gentle smooth warmth fromalcohol is noticeable.

O) Mudshark’s S’mores Barrel aged Stout is anintensely flavored, big, dark winter ale thatis a rare and refreshing glimpse of the greatflavors of chocolate, marshmallow, cinnamongraham cracker that melds well with theroasty, burnt sensations of this big Imperial Stout.

9.6% ABV

Vanilla Caramel Porter

Dessert first beer


A) Vanilla notes are embellished by a caramel savory sweet rich nose

A) Midnight brown with ruby highlights when held up to light and a creamy foam head

F) Mostly vanilla and caramel with chocolate and lesser hints of coffee and biscuit

M) Medium body with a creaminess that is velvety on the palette

O) This is a wonderful beer to pair with dessert or enjoyed as a desert itself.

5.6% ABV

Hot For Teacher

McIntosh Apple Ale


A) McIntosh apples and sweet cinnamon

A) Light Golden brown ale

F) Mild Apple sweetness with balanced, light hop notes and Cinnamon

M) Satifying flavor of fall

O) What a great end to a nice fall day.

4.5% ABV



Hop Skeletor

It's back, Triple IPA


Black Raven IPA

A new Black IPA


El Tiburon

Our new Mexican Lager with fresh Jalapeños & Lime

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