A proud tradition lives on at Mudshark Brewery and Public House in Lake Havsu City, Arizona. We are not just an award winning microbrewery known for unique craft beers and an expansive dinner menu. We are a tangible link to centuries of American history, and a bridge between the past, present and future.

If you are a fan of beers such as our Scorpion Amber, Havablue, and Liquid Haze, you are in good company. Did you know that President James Madison and an array of famous Americans were passionate about beer?

Here are some amazing beer trivia facts that will make you appreciate the delicious beverages brewed at Mudshark Brewery and Public House even more.

  • President Madison wanted to create a national brewery and appoint a Secretary of Beer. He believed that beer was essential for the health and happiness of the nation. Unfortunately, his proposal was rejected by Congress.
  • Benjamin Franklin once wrote: “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” He also invented a device called the armonica, which he played at pubs while drinking beer.
  • George Washington was a brewer and a beer lover. He had his own recipe for porter, which he brewed at Mount Vernon. He also gave his troops a daily ration of beer during the Revolutionary War.
  • John Adams drank a tankard of hard cider every morning for breakfast. He lived to be 90 years old, so maybe he was onto something. He also enjoyed beer and wrote to his wife Abigail: “I drink no cider, but feast upon Philadelphia beer.”
  • Thomas Jefferson was also a brewer and a beer enthusiast. He learned how to brew from his wife Martha, who made small batches of beer at their home in Monticello. He also imported hops and barley from Europe and experimented with different recipes.
  • Abraham Lincoln was a licensed bartender and co-owner of a tavern in Illinois. He also defended a client in court who was accused of selling alcohol without a license. He argued that the beer he sold was not intoxicating, but rather “a healthful drink.”
  • Teddy Roosevelt was a fan of Budweiser and often served it at the White House. He also drank beer with his troops during the Spanish-American War. He once said: “In victory, you deserve beer. In defeat, you need it.”
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt ended the Prohibition era by signing the 21st Amendment in 1933. He celebrated by having a glass of beer at the White House. He also supported the brewing industry and said: “I think this would be a good time for a beer.”
  • John F. Kennedy liked to drink Heineken and often ordered it when he traveled abroad. He also had a special beer mug that he used on Air Force One. He once joked: “My fellow Americans, I have some bad news for you. The White House beer supply is running low.”
  • Barack Obama was the first president to brew beer at the White House. He made a honey ale and a honey porter using honey from the White House beehive. He also shared his beer with other world leaders and gave them as gifts.

So there you have it, folks. Some awesome beer trivia facts that show how much some famous Americans enjoyed this wonderful drink, and examples of the proud tradition that we are keeping alive. Cheers!