No gimmicks, just beer. From its inception in 1998, Mudshark Brewery and Public House, the premier microbrewery in Lake Havasu City, Arizona has focused on the brewing of quality beer, good food, and offering people a great place to make memories with friends and family.

Some microbreweries go another direction. They offer craft beer with a twist, a gimmick. Something catchy. And that can result in the brewing of beer that is, shall we say, different when experiments with new and unusual ingredients create unique flavors and aromas. But some of these ingredients are a bit weird.

Mustard seeds: A beer that tastes like mustard? Some breweries use mustard seeds to add a spicy kick and a tangy flavor to bee. Other unsual seeds and herbs used added to the brew can include coriander, ginger, and garlic.

Pizza: A meal and a drink all in one? Sounds too good to be true, but some brewers have actually used pizza as an ingredient in their beers. The claim is made that pizza can add a savory and cheesy flavor to beer, as well as some tomato and herb notes.

Bananas: Surprisingly bananas are not that uncommon in craft beer. But some brewers have taken it to the next level by using actual bananas or banana peels in their beers with the claim that this adds a sweet and creamy flavor to beer, as well as some tropical notes.

Oysters: Oysters? Yes, there are brewers that oysters to beer. The claim is that this adds a unique briny and mineral flavor to beer. Some brewers even use the oyster shells to add calcium carbonate to the water, which can affect the pH and hardness of the beer.

Beard yeast: Yes, you read that right. Beard yeast is yeast that is harvested from the beard hairs of a brewer. As you might imagine this can add a funky and sour flavor to beer.

Cat poop coffee: Cat poop coffee, or kopi luwak, is coffee that is made from beans that have been eaten and excreted by civets, a type of cat-like animal. It may sound disgusting, but it’s actually very expensive and sought-after by coffee connoisseurs. There are claims that adding this coffee adds a rich flavor to beer, as well as some roasty and chocolate notes.

Bull’s testicles: Bull’s testicles, or Rocky Mountain oysters, are a delicacy in some parts of the world. They are also being used as an ingredient in some beers, mainly for shock value and novelty.

Goat brains: Goat brains are used as an ingredient in some beers, mainly for Halloween or zombie-themed events. Goat brains can add a bloody and metallic flavor to beer, as well as some iron and cholesterol.

Hot rocks: Hot rocks are not really an ingredient per se, but rather a method of brewing that involves heating rocks until they are red-hot and then dropping them into the wort to boil it. This technique dates back to ancient times when metal pots were not available or affordable. Hot rocks can add a caramelized and smoky flavor to beer, as well as some minerals and sediment.

No gimmicks. Just good beer. Some are even award winning. Next time you are looking for a good beer, and some great food, stop by Mushark Brewery in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.