In case you missed it there is some big news out of Lake Havasu City, Arizona for the connoisseur of fine craft beer. The Buzz In Your Community recently published a story about this exciting development.

“The BUZZ in Your Community and Mudshark Brewery are thrilled to announce their latest collaboration – The Buzz Honey Lager. This crisp and refreshing beer is brewed with locally sourced orange blossom honey, giving it a unique and delicious flavor that is true to the heart of Arizona.

The Buzz Honey Lager is the result of the shared passion of two local businesses who are dedicated to supporting the community and highlighting the best of what Arizona has to offer. The BUZZ in your Community, a local online news & marketing agency, is committed to sharing news and stories that matter to the people of Arizona, while Mudshark Brewery is dedicated to creating exceptional craft beers that showcase the flavors and ingredients of the region.”

The obsessive beer purist will most likely point out that the use of honey makes this more of a mead than a lager. But that would be the proverbial splitting of a hair.

Technically a lager is brewed with a fermenting yeast anaerobically at the bottom as it can not be exposed to air or it will die. Meade uses beer yeast but honey is its only sugar.

But what can’t be debated is that Mudshark Brewery is once again raising the bar for fine craft beer. And once again, Mudshark Brewery is linking the craft beer industry with ancient history.

There is historic evidence that a type of mead may be the oldest known alcoholic beverage. At an archeological site in China dated to the 7th millennium it was discovered that a fermented beverage made of honey, rice, and fruit was popular.

In ancient societies of Scandinavia, Gaul, and Teutonic Europe, Vikings, Celts and Anglo-Saxons, a mead made with honey was the drink of choice for festivals and for celebrations. It was considered the drink of kings. There are references to this sweet beverage in classic literatures such as Mabinogion and Beowulf, and in the writings of Chaucer.

The new Buzz Honey Lager bridges the gap between beer and mead. You might consider it the next evolutionary step of brewing that commenced when the 16th century English Tudors imported elements of Welsh culture, including a taste for mead, that then competed with popular ales and beer.

The bottom line is this. Mudshark Brewery is a pioneer in the Arizona craft beer industry with a long history of providing customers with good food, an inviting ambiance, and of course, superb and unique beers. We look forward to hearing your thoughts about our latest offering.

Written by Jim HInckley of Jim Hinckley’s America