Mudshark Brewery and Public House in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, voted the number one solar powered brewery in America, is a desert oasis for the craft beer connoisseur. Beers such as Scorpion Amber with a deep, rich color and sweet roasted flavor are a superb way to cool down at the end of a long hot summer’s day. 

In recent years a tsunami of craft breweries has swept the world. Unlike Mudshark Brewery that is myopically focused on creating beers steeped in centuries of brewing traditions, some microbreweries have instead chosen to create novelty beers. 

On occasion these oddity beers will leave you wondering if anyone drinks them. And just reading the ingredients on a few of these beers will most likely turn the stomach.  

An IPA beer labeled Saturday Morning was created by a brewery in Virginia. Billed as “magically ridiculous” it was inspired by Lucky Charms cereal. Toasted marshmallows and cereal marshmallows were used in the mash to give it the signature taste. 

Another brewery created Celeste Jewel. Meteorites are crushed and steeped in the beer. And if the beer is sipped at the brewery, customers can use cozies made from the fabric of space suits. 

Hvalur, a seasonal beer offered by an Icelandic brewery, may be the strangest of the modern craft beers. The brewery uses pure Icelandic water and whale testicles smoked in sheep dung. The brewery says that these ingredients give the brown beer a distinct porter like flavor. 

A Norwegian brewery developed a beer that they hoped would remind people of college dorm days. Mixed into their secret mash is frozen Hawaiian pizza and real Norwegian banknotes. Promotion for the beer notes a rich coffee flavor and incredibly high 20-percent alcohol by volume.

A California microbrewery created Super Spicy Beer. A blend of chili peppers used in brewing, including Fresno, Anaheim, ghost pepper, serrano, jalapeño, and habanero ensure that the beer lives up to its name. 

Another brewery decided to grab some attention by brewing a beer billed as the strongest on earth. Snake Venom tests out at an astounding 67.5% alcohol!

A brewery in Portland uses bright pink bottle to ensure that Voodoo Doughnuts is not overlooked. Reviews are mixed about the “smoky, bacon maple ale.” 

Magic Dips Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Ice Cream is an oddity created by a Brooklyn, New York brewery. Using a mix of strawberries and cacao in the mash, it is promoted as “a thick and sweet bottled imperial stout with a 15.4% ABV.”

Jurassic Beer was the brainchild of an amateur brewer who was also a microbiologist. Setting this beer all others from all others was his discovery and use of yeast DNA in pieces of amber that are estimated to be at least 45-million-years-old.

A brewery in London, England created Toast Pale Ale. It is truly a novel way to brew beer while curtailing food waste. Restaurants, stores, and bakeries across London donate old bread that is then toasted and broken down before being mixed into the mash.

If you are daring, there is no end to the odd varieties of beer that are available. But if you just enjoy savoring a traditional craft beer and lively conversation with friends, look no further than Mudshark Brewery in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. 

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America